Latest News 12/1/14

It's been a while since I have updated this page...yeah....So, a lot going on and a lot has happened since the last update.  Without getting too deep into it, here are some highlights.  11/2013 -  Bad Astronaut (Thom Flowers & Angus Cooke on Guitar and Cello) toured Australia as part of the Hits & Pits festival, sharing the bill with some talented bands including Black Flag, Boy Sets Fire, Snuff, Jughead's Revenge and more.  This year early on Angus was once again working with the Mad Caddies on their new release "Dirty Rice", then Thom and Angus both working on the new Lagwagon release "Hang".  Next up was Versus The World working on a new full length, followed by Fire In The Radio also with a full lenght.  Also in the studio have been local favorites The Blues And Greys working on new material.  The control room from the old Orange Whip location has been sold, just FYI.


Latest News 1/30/12

Versus The World has been in recently finishing up their upcoming release with Thom Flowers at the helm, sounding amazing!  Thom is working hard on mixing at this stage.  Jon Miller and Angus are currently working on 4 to 6 new custom composition pieces for Bank of America.  Dave Loepke gave a great performance the other night at SOHO in Santa Barbara with Thom and Randy J. lending some tasty guitar flavors, quite a night.  The Lo-Pro boys, Pete Murray, Neil Godfrey and Pete Ricci opened with a brilliant acoustic set.  We are looking forward to some mixing for Mark Berman and the Walk of Shame in the next month.  Byl Carruthers and his band Cafe R & B were in for rehearsals for their recently completed "Blues Cruise" in the Caribbean.  That involved 2200 passengers and 1500 crew, as well as 30 acts including Cafe R & B, Taj Majal, Kenny Wayne get the picture!  'Till the next new update, party on!


Latest News 8/27/11

Winchester Rebels material is recently finished and turned out awesome.  Bad Astronaut was on tour in Canada during the middle of May, and also just played a one-off show at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara.  Very fun!  Thom Flowers moved back to town from Austin, TX and has been back at the Whip working on various projects.  Jon Miller and Angus have been doing more custom composition work for the likes of Ecco Shoes and Swimwear Anywear.  It's been fun and challenging.  Singer/Songwriter Dan Reardon (formerly of the band Soundside) flew out from New York for a week of recording in mid July, his songs turned out awesome, and at this moment he is riding out Hurricane Irene in Bayville NY.  Stay safe Dan!


Latest News 4/10/11

Spring is in the air and change as well!  The SSL AWS-900 has been replaced with a Toft Audio 08M console with strong similarities to the classic and sought after Trident 80-B console of decades past.  Other things going on at the Whip:  Mix Stems for the surf documentary "Women and the Waves", Bad Astronaut will be back in for rehearsals at the end of the month, and following that the Winchester Rebels are scheduled to rock the house in early May.  Angus will be working on a short film score for Karl Ford's upcoming release as well as continuing some composing work with Jon Miller.


Latest News 11/30/10

Summer has come and gone, and various projects have continued over the course.  Upcoming will be Mixing the Side-Project EP for the Little Heroes' frontman Jim Lombardo.  Angus and Little Heroes Guitarist Jon Miller have been working on some side-project music of their own as well.  Christopher Spadi continues his experiments in electro-pop and House music, always with cool results.  Just a reminder to anyone who isn't aware, the original Orange Whip control room is for sale!  Please see the page dedicated to it on this website!  In other news, Bad Astronaut is scheduled to tour Canada this spring, should be fun and interesting.


Latest Orange Whip News 8/11/10

Summer has been busy with all sorts of non-studio activities, but things are kicking back into gear!  Early July saw engineer/producers Thom Flowers and Angus Cooke in rehearsals with Bad Astronaut, followed by the first ever Bad Astronaut shows in Santa Barbara, Anaheim, Eagle Rock and San Diego.  The band features Thom on Guitars, Lagwagon front man Joey on Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Angus on Electric Cello, Todd Capps on Keys, Sugarcult Guitarist Marko DeSantes on Bass, and Mike's Drum Shop owner George Pendergast on Drums and Percussion.  The shows were all opened with a great acoustic set by Santa Barbara's Mike Hale.

In the Studio lately has been Hero's Funeral finishing up their EP, psychadelic reggae vocalist PK from Monks of Skunk, and The Bubbling Dead cranking out 5 songs. Dancemeister Christopher Spadi is due to finish up some work, and Mike Hale will be coming in to record 5 new songs towards the end of the month.


Latest Orange Whip News 4/17/10

Lo Pro was just in mixing and mastering a completely re-vamped version of their song "Pushed Aside" just in time to add it to the upcoming album release.  As before, check out some samples of the upcoming material by clicking Here.

Electronic Dance Rocker Christopher Spadi has been in the studio working on new tracks and recording drum samples from his beautiful vintage drum kit before putting it up for sale.  To check out his kit stop by Mike's Drum Shop in Santa Barbara! 

Latest Orange Whip News  3/11/10

Continuing with guitar tracking with guitarist Michael Gorman for his Arizona Based punk band, last session we completed 15 songs worth of rhythm and lead guitar tracks, only 15 more songs to go!

Angus has been recording cello tracks for Thom Flowers' latest project via file transfers from Austin TX.

Ventura based band "Whiskey Glass Eye" has been in the studio tracking 4 new songs.  The band features guitarist Brian Lakey, formerly of Blazing Haley.  Tracking should be finished on February 4th, mixing to follow.

Lo-Pro has been in the Studio recently finishing 5 more songs with Angus Cooke, completing the tracks for the release of their upcoming full length album.  Check out some samples of what's to come on their MySpace page by clicking Here.

Dan Reardon from the New York based band Soundside has also been working via internet file exchange with Angus to finish mixing and mastering of his upcoming solo EP.  Check out some clips on his website by clicking Here.