Angus Cooke:  

Angus began learning Piano at age 5, then switched to Cello at age 6, and has continued to play both acoustic and electric Cello in various bands and on numerous recordings. He studied Recording Engineering at UCLA while working at the now defunct 525 Post Production in Hollywood, then returned to Santa Barbara to work at the pro-audio store Sound Advice and to join the band Woodburning Project.  Upon the completion of the Woodburnig Project CD, Orange Whip Recording was born in partnership with live sound engineer Frank Corsetti in 1994.  Since then he has worked with a wide variety of artists as a producer and engineer, and as a studio cellist on many projects.

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Thom Flowers:

Thom is a Santa Barbara native with deep musical roots, coming up as a guitarist, then learning recording engineering and producing skills along the way, he has become a force in the studio.  Former member of Woodburning Project and current member of Bad Astronaut and The Blues and Greys, Thom also does composing work for various television shows when not recording and producing other artists.

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Mark Casselman:

Mark is a former rocket scientist type who turned his love of music into a separate career years ago.  He has worked with a vast spectrum of clients over the years and continues to engineer and produce at the highest standards for artists such as Christopher Cross.  Aside from engineering and producing recordings, Mark has gained a reputation as a great Mastering engineer.

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