Orange Whip Recording was founded in 1995 by Musician/Recording Engineer Angus Cooke and Geologist/Live Sound Engineer Frank Corsetti. Some of the first bands to record at the new studio were UltraSpank, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Nerfherder, Lagwagon, Mad Caddies and The Ataris.  

Many great bands and musicians have graced the studio in the years since with a great crew of engineer/producers developing in the process. Frank Corsetti eventually finished his phd in Geology and was given a professorship at USC, where he is currently continuing in the world of academics.  

Tom Flowers emerged as a fantastic engineer and producer, and continues his career in Austin, Texas, with occasional visits back to Santa Barbara.  Mark Casselman continues to work at Orange Whip, having accumulated many album credits and currently working with Christopher Cross amongst others.  Angus Cooke continues to head the Orange Whip crew having just completed work on the upcoming release from Lo Pro.  Eric Palmquist has been working in and around Orange Whip for the past 5 years and has become a fantastic engineer and producer in his own right.  

Due to the increase in expenses at the original location, we were forced to pull out and find a new spot for the studio.  Orange Whip continues with a smaller footprint, lower overhead, lower rates, and an amazing sounding small footprint tracking room.  We still have all the same top notch gear you've come to expect, with the SSL AWS-900 mixing console as the centerpiece.  Please check out the Gear page as well as the album credit links in the Engineer/Producers page, and check the Photo Gallery for pictures of the new Orange Whip!